The introduction to the best program you'll ever download.

Creator's Camera will be no longer downloadable as of 5/8/2019

It was too much work to provide help for, and it wasn't worth continuing development as there will hopefully be official tools coming to Forza anyways. If you have a special case and need it for something specific (not just making random cinematics in Forza) let me know on Discord and I can maybe give it to you.

Thanks for all the awesome stuff you guys have made with this. I really want to keep working on it, but even if I made CC super awesome it'd still be stuck behind some big limitations of Forza no matter what.

What is this?

Creator's Camera is a fantastic tool for content creators that allows you to channel your inner-creative-self into any game that supports controller input and design cool stuff to make amazing things.

That explanation made no sense.

What? That made total sense. Alright, fine. I'll spell it out for you.

Creator's Camera is a tool for content creators that lets you make cinematics in games that don't have a camera-path keyframing system. It does this by letting the user, (you), design custom camera paths to your liking, and then play them back in any game.

Looks nice. How do I try it out?

I'm so glad you asked. The button below will magically warp you to an installation guide through the power of the internet.

Don't forget to join our Discord Community to stay up to date on all the latest cool stuff about Creator's Camera! (or if you need help scripting)